Website Logins

Google Account

We use Google to provide online services for the school. This includes access to Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Drive for storage and access to the schools many sets of Chromebooks.

You can use these details to sign in to Google through a web browser, on a Chromebook and on your mobile device.

  • Username:

  • Password: for most students this will be the same as the password used to log in to a school computer / chromebooks

If your password needs resetting, please contact IT Support ( for assistance.


Go4Schools can be used by both students and parents to check your timetable, attendance and behaviour records.

  • Follow the "First-time user?" option on the Go4Schools login page to get started.

  • If you have used Go4Schools previously and can't log in, follow the "Forgotten your Password?" option on the login page, using your school email address to reset your password.

Accelerated Reader - Years 7-8

Accelerated Reader is used by students in KS3 to improve literacy levels.

  • Username:

  • Password: firstname.lastname


MathsWatch contains 1 minute fast clips of key skills and interactive questions and MathsWatch assignments which pupils can do and submit answers for immediate marking and feedback.

Students can also use the search/filter boxes to select by clip number, by grade or by topic.

  • Username:

  • Password for students that started prior to November 2019: moulton2019

  • Password for students that started from November 2019:

To reset your password please email


Kerboodle is an online resource for subjects including Science, Spanish and Geography.

    • Username: firstname.lastname

    • Password: firstname.lastname

    • Institution code: my0

Follow the "Trouble logging in?" link on the login page to reset your password using your school email address.


Contains an online library of video guides and resources for most subjects. Videos can also be downloaded.

  • On the login page, click “Sign in with Google” and use your schools Google credentials to access

PiXL Apps

PiXL is a skills based assessment program which highlights your strengths and areas to develop. This is a very userful and accurate tool to use prior to any test to help rank which revision topics are of the most importance.

  • School ID: MT6286

  • Username: your username is your surname followed by your first initial. For example John Smith would be SMITHJ

  • Password: your password is PIXL followed by your year group. For example, a year 8 student would be PIXL8

Pinpoint Learning - Year 11

Pinpoint Learning is a new resource.

The pupils mocks have been analysed in detail using this software which creates a detailed personalised learning checklist of strengths and weaknesses.

It also creates personalised exam papers focusing on weaknesses identified in their December mocks.

  • Contact your teacher or IT Support ( for your username if you are unaware of it.

  • Password: PPL

Seneca Learning

Students are required to create their own account for Seneca Learning if they have been asked to use the resource.

It is recommended that students use their school email address for registration.


VLeBooks is an ebook platform allowing students to read books through their online platform.

Students can log in to VLeBooks using their Google login credentials through their website, or, through the mobile app on an iOS device but this requires the creation of an adobe account also.

It is for this reason we recommend using the web version of the software.

  • Sign in with your Google account


Mobile App. Currently used by out Sixth Formers. You maybe asked to download this App as part of a Google Classroom Assignment.

  • No requirement to create an account.

BandLab - Year 7-8

BandLab is a free music creation website which is similar to the music program GarageBand.

Your music teacher will share class codes via Google Classroom. Class codes are entered into BandLab in a similar manner to joining a Google class.

  • To register follow the button on the signup page saying "Continue with Google"

  • Already a user?
    1. Click Log In.
    2. click Sign in using Google

We recommend students use their school email address for registration purposes.

The website requires students to use the Google Chrome web browser, or the mobile app.

If you have any issues regarding usage of the site, please contact Mr Martin ( in the first instance.


Quizlet is a free website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study and game modes.

  • To register follow the button on the signup page saying "Continue with Google"

  • Already a user?
    1. Click Log In.
    2. click Sign in using Google

Dr Frost Maths

DFM is a huge bank of educational resources for mathematics, with full sets of slides, worksheets, games and assessments that span Year 7 to 11.

When a teacher sets up a Dr Frost Maths account, he invites all his classes by either sharing a link to sign up or signing everyone up and activating their accounts.

It will ask you to change your password on first use.

Focus on Sound

Develop listening skills, theory, composing and musical knowledge with online resources for PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Features full coverage of GCSE set works and topics as well as extensive resources for KS3 and A level.

  • Username: firstname.lastname

  • Password: music

You can change your password once logged in.

Libresoft Librarian - Online Catalogue

Libresoft Librarian is an online catalogue of books we have stocked in the school libraries. There is a library in the main school block on the languages floor and a sixth form library.

  • Sign in using Google.

You will need to contact our school Librarian if you need any assistance using the website.

Bedrock Learning

Bedrock Learning is an online platform designed to help students extend and learn important and relevant academic vocabulary

  • Sign in using Google.

Sometimes the Sign in with Google option does not work. Students are also given a username and password in lesson if this is the case.

For further assistance in accessing these online resources, please contact IT Support: